Discover Why $12K For This Property Is A Steal

You would think that a property like this is worth much less. But what you fail to realize is that..

This particular property comes with an added BONUS!


If you looked up the parcel number on this property at the county website, you'll find that it's owned by a Limited Liability Company.

And the reason why some (owners) title their property under an LLC is to..

"Secure their privacy"

Which means, if someone were to try and discover if the (owner) has what lawyers call "deep pockets" they would have to call off the search and go elsewhere, because nothing shows up under the (owners) name! Why? Because this property is titled under an LLC! Pretty cool right?

Another reason why owners title property under an LLC is to..

Avoid Probate and Prenuptial Agreements

For instance, if you owned the LLC that this property is titled under, you wouldn't need a will to pass it on to a beneficiary. Because all you have to do is physically hand over the LLC to the beneficiary at ANY time and they instantly become the NEW owner!

And in the case of avoiding a prenuptial agreement, you as the LLC holder wouldn't ever need to file one. Which automatically makes protecting the sales and transfer of this property a snap!

Why? Because this property titled is under an LLC and not under any persons ACTUAL name. So again..whoever has the actual LLC in their hands officially controls whatever the LLC has TITLED under it! - get it?

And the reason why acquiring this property is so valuable is because your Privacy is instantly Secured, while getting an LLC that's worth over $5K AND the Property - which is at least over $9K - plus avoiding all sales and transfer fees!

Save over $4000.00 - Super Simple 2-Step Process

Step 1.

All you have to do is just acquire the property using cash and you'll immediately be given the original LLC and Title. And BAM! You're the new owner!

Step 2.

Simply record your new address where you'd like to receive land tax notices at the County Recorder and voila! You're done!

And what you've actually accomplished in this type of LEGAL PROCESS is acquired Two for price of One!

So again.. if you want to own this property WITHOUT having to pay ANY sales and transfer fees, go ahead and call..


And if you'd like the added bonus of having to avoid Probate and Prenuptial Agreements by owning this property, please leave a message by calling the number above.